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From Karen Small

As I mentioned earlier I am now sorry I read it so quickly as I am going to suffer withdrawal:)
This book held me captive right from opening lines .This is something to your credit as a gifted writer.
Even switching from one person to another and one location to another was done so smoothly that I did not feel "lost".
You can use any of my thoughts on the book .I will go to and give this a big thumbs up!!
You definitely have a God Given talent as a writer. I hope others will see the hand of God in all this. I definitely would make inquiry as to a movie as this is great material.



From Sheila Richardson

So Rich A Crown is one of the best books that I have read lately. I found myself wanting to know what else was going to happen with these characters. Priscilla Paul has done an outstanding job of writing a book with all the excitement that you want without all the trash. This is a book filled with all the makings of a best seller. I personally believe if I can feel the heartache and triumph of the characters then I have truly read a wonderful book. That is what you will get with So Rich A Crown. You will find that lessons of Love, Faith, Trust and Sorrow fill the pages of this book. After you have read this book don't be surprised to find yourself evaluating your most important relationships, the level of trust that you have with your closest friends, and the faith you have in God. You will also find yourself waiting for the future books by Priscilla Paul.


From Patsy Finster

Priscilla , Your book was terrific and gave me a mental trip back to the days when I lived in Williamsburg.  I lived in Williamsburg for a few years after I graduated from H.S.  I worked at William & Mary and also a part-time job at a shop on Merchants Square and I met my husband at the part-time job.(our first date was dinner at Christiana Campbell's Tavern).  I have always been someone who reads all the time.  I wish you great success in you writing you are off to a wonderful beginning.  I know the character Ruth Miller and her husband Roy are named for Jerry's parents, did you use any family names from your side of the family?  (Readers:  Yes, I did use family names: my mother's name is Althea and my father's name is Alden)



From Laura Sugg

This is a wonderful book. Once I began reading, it was almost impossible to put it down. Definitely a page turner !!   I can hardly wait for the next book. Priscilla definitely has the talent to keep you on the "edge of your seat", and I anticipate that future books will be just as wonderful. Definitely a must read !